Common Questions

What are your fees? 

Session fees are $100 for a 50 minute session and are payable via cash or check.  There may also be additional fees due at various times, such as fees to prepare documents on your behalf or appear in court.  All fees are due at the time of service.

Do you accept insurance? 

Rebecca currently contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield as an in network provider.  She is considered an out of network provider for all other agencies.  Many insurance companies will provide reimbursement for clients who submit a detailed receipt to their insurance company following a session with an out of network provider.  Receipts are provided upon request.

Are there reasons why I might not want to use insurance?

Whenever a claim is made to an insurance company, a counselor is required to provide a mental health diagnosis as well as other confidential information as requested.  Some clients prefer not to have these diagnoses or other information listed in the lasting records of insurance companies where they might be accessible by employers.  Also, insurance companies often require authorizations, limit the number of visits and have other perimeters that often cause complications and frustration.

How do I get started? 

The first step in getting started is to contact Rebecca.  She will then provide a free 10 to 15 minute phone consultation to obtain more information.  At that time if you are interested in counseling an initial intake session will be scheduled, with counseling sessions to follow as agreed upon.

How long does counseling typically take? 

Although this is a common question, it is not one easily answered.  The counseling process is different for all clients and each client progresses at their own speed.  Counseling usually ends when symptoms or concerns are no longer as severe and issues are more manageable.  Rebecca will discuss time frames with you as your sessions progress.

What is play therapy and activity therapy?

Play therapy is for children what counseling is for adults.  Play therapy uses the child’s natural language of play to help them express their feelings more easily using toys instead of words.  Activity therapy incorporates things such as books, art, games and hands on activities to encourage and engage children and adolescents.  Play therapy is typically used for children ages 3 to 9, while activity therapy is utilized for older children and adolescents.  For more information on play therapy and what to tell your child about play therapy, click to access the Center for Play Therapy website.

How will I be involved in my child’s counseling?

Rebecca strongly believes that parents are the foremost experts on their children; therefore, it is imperative that parents or caretakers be involved.  Rebecca will schedule regular parent consultations to discuss any observations, concerns, or progress seen.  Rebecca will also work with parents to set goals, implement ideas and offer effective parenting strategies.  There may also be times where parents are invited to participate in their child’s counseling session but this is at Rebecca’s discretion.  Rebecca stays in communication with parents throughout the counseling process.